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Now I’m sure you’ve seen this sort of thing before. Little tiny plastic figurines placed on everyday objects shot macro-style to make them feel larger-than-life with new beauty, humor and importance. I have too. In fact, I remember seeing something very similar years ago at a (admittedly somewhat cheesy) sidewalk art show in Houston. But for some reason The Little People Project just feels different. Maybe it’s because Slinkachu is just a bit more creative than most. Maybe it’s because he doesn’t just build these microscopic art pieces to shoot—but actually just leaves them there on the streets all over Europe. Whatever the case, I just love his stuff and am continually impressed by his tiny awesomeness. Swing by his site to show a little love, pick up a book, a button, or what-have-you. …Or just do what I do: look through his pictures and smile.

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