When I recently came across designer Jontue Hollingsworth and his site Headron Collider I thought to myself, “Headron Collide-whaaa? What the hell is that?!?” But after poking around a bit (and admittedly googling it and researching the hadron collider) I found there was definitely thought and intent into his branding. On his site he says:

Like the Large Hadron Collider that smashes together particles that are invisible to the naked eye, creating new and different elements. Similar to the creative process. We all know ideas exist. We can talk about them but we can’t see them or touch them, until they gain momentum, collide with other ideas and we bring them to fruition. This creative process takes place in the head — thus headron instead of hadron.

Whoa. Okay, this dude is deep. And I dig it. Maybe it has something to do with the fact that he’s located in Alaska (Yes, you read that right. That Alaska). Or maybe it has something to do with all those months of cold, dark weather—but there is something definitely brewing in the water in the great white North. Jontue has an amazing eye for typography, which is what originally drew me to his Beauty Mark self-promotional posters (pictured above). But upon further inspection it became quite evident that it wasn’t just some fancy type work that really makes these posters great—it’s the mix of excellent vintage  photography, use of color, attention to detail (did you see the back of those suckers?!?) and most importantly—the creativity. Here’s what he says about the set on his site:

(It’s about)…the idea of brand identification and what we as humans determine as beautiful. A beauty mark sets you apart from the rest in an instant. It makes you more interesting, more attractive, more memorable. Using the logo as beauty mark, these posters subtly express that the work I do, carries the same attributes.

But the great thing about Jontue’s work is that it doesn’t just stop there—his whole site is littered with detail and creative goodness. From posters to illustrations to apparel to web design—this guy seems to do it all. Heck, he’s even got a whole page of freebies! Jontue’s work is pretty inspiring, and I just had to do a little shout-out and give him his due respect. Be sure to visit his site and drool along, or hit him up if you’re needing some serious talent for your next big project.

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