Being an Art Director (and designer in general), I’m constantly prowling the internet for cool and inspirational work. Recently, I came across a group of pieces called Fear.Less put on by the talented Daniel Ting Chong and Jordan Metcalf. The objects depicted are weapons/items used in acts of crime in South Africa, both by criminal and the law. The objects are made of wood, and created larger than life.

I look at these and am immediately rushed over with a feeling of jealousy. “Why didn’t I think of that!?!” I love the details and beauty in each of these items. The simplicity of line and shape—reminds me of some of the better modern icon illustrator work you see in editorial and web design all across the globe. But what Daniel and Jordan have done here is taken something that we normally see tiny on a piece of paper or computer screen (or phone!), and enlarged it into a tangible object that really resinates. If you have a few minutes definitely check out each of their individual websites—you’ll be happy you did. Both of these guys are absolutely killing it—so keep your eyes on them folks.

Now I just need to start scheming a way to get some of these pieces on my wall…

Fantastic Voyage 1a – blog
Fantastic Voyage 1b – blog
Fantastic Voyage 2 – blog

Now I’m sure you’ve seen this sort of thing before. Little tiny plastic figurines placed on everyday objects shot macro-style to make them feel larger-than-life with new beauty, humor and importance. I have too. In fact, I remember seeing something very similar years ago at a (admittedly somewhat cheesy) sidewalk art show in Houston. But for some reason The Little People Project just feels different. Maybe it’s because Slinkachu is just a bit more creative than most. Maybe it’s because he doesn’t just build these microscopic art pieces to shoot—but actually just leaves them there on the streets all over Europe. Whatever the case, I just love his stuff and am continually impressed by his tiny awesomeness. Swing by his site to show a little love, pick up a book, a button, or what-have-you. …Or just do what I do: look through his pictures and smile.


BLEEP! Walking Music Mix

Early last year I was invited by a lovely little site called Designers.mx to create a 10-song mix that inspires me and keeps me motivated while I design. Designers.mx is a site for designers from all over the world to create a music mix (and design cover art!) that inspires their creativity, and hosts it for free for all to enjoy.

I was closing in on my second straight year of working some pretty crazy hours in a very deadline-driven and never-ending alt weekly atmosphere. Granted, I was in Maui and worked with some really kick-ass people so I really can’t complain. But my musical tastes had definitely morphed from chilled out psychedelic indie rock to bass-thumping, head-bumping, curse-filled hip hop jams. Not that I don’t still love indie rock (or rock in general for that matter), but upbeat music was the name of the game. I’m happy to see that my mix is not only still on the site (8,600 listens, ya’ll!), but has 124 “favorites” and is still in the “most favorited” list.

If you haven’t checked out Designers.mx, you definitely should. It’s a great way to find out about good new music—and the website is one of the best-looking and most user-friendly sites out there. Added bonus: you can spend hours diving down the rabbit hole of awesome work from awesome designers (mixers) from all walks of life. So pull out your headphones and thank me later.


Listen To Your Father…

This. You’re welcome for the nightmares. 


Out With the Old, In With the New

Well, as you may have noticed, there have been some big changes here at Lucky 11. For one: the old website is gone. Poof! So if you were looking for it—I’m sorry, but you’re not gonna find it. But fret not, because lucky11.com 2.0 has much in store. An entirely updated website—top to bottom. A new, exciting blog—with industry news, interviews, opinions and general ramblings. And most importantly—new work! So hang in there, be patient, and be sure to check back in the coming weeks of 2012 while we get this bad boy locked and loaded.

In the meantime, feel free to browse some work on our flickr site here