BLEEP! Walking Music Mix

Early last year I was invited by a lovely little site called Designers.mx to create a 10-song mix that inspires me and keeps me motivated while I design. Designers.mx is a site for designers from all over the world to create a music mix (and design cover art!) that inspires their creativity, and hosts it for free for all to enjoy.

I was closing in on my second straight year of working some pretty crazy hours in a very deadline-driven and never-ending alt weekly atmosphere. Granted, I was in Maui and worked with some really kick-ass people so I really can’t complain. But my musical tastes had definitely morphed from chilled out psychedelic indie rock to bass-thumping, head-bumping, curse-filled hip hop jams. Not that I don’t still love indie rock (or rock in general for that matter), but upbeat music was the name of the game. I’m happy to see that my mix is not only still on the site (8,600 listens, ya’ll!), but has 124 “favorites” and is still in the “most favorited” list.

If you haven’t checked out Designers.mx, you definitely should. It’s a great way to find out about good new music—and the website is one of the best-looking and most user-friendly sites out there. Added bonus: you can spend hours diving down the rabbit hole of awesome work from awesome designers (mixers) from all walks of life. So pull out your headphones and thank me later.

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